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My story with the customer

My story with the customer
&nbsp,My story with the customer; email and one call.
On 6th, JUNE 2016,We got one inquiry from Google of our Website
The content is as following:
From this content, we knew he came from Korea and like our machine. And also pay attention on usage.
So i send an email to him. Told him how to do business using this machine and how to make money using it, operation is very easy for him.
But very pity, i have no his tel no. So i can not make a call to him.can not remind him to check my email.
Very Lucky, two hours later, we received one call from Korea, and it is Kim, he called us firstly.
I felt very excited.
Even thought, we did not understand each other very clearly on phone, but i knew him must be very like our machine,and want to distribute our machines in his market.
Maybe because he also didnot understand what i said on phone. He asked his translator called us again from Shanghai.he is an Chinese but Korean spoken is very well,called Mr.Lee.
That is a great helpful for us. So we need to thanks Mr. Lee very much for the following cooperation.
Mr. Lee told us his boss Kim is very interested in our machine and want to do business. But the end-user price is little higher than his he needed one discount. I told him, of course,we can make a discount for distributor if meet our MOQ .
Mr. Lee said he need to discuss this offer with Kim.and will reply me very soon.
Mr.Lee and his boss kim, have no make any decision, just said they were planning to visit our factory, and then will make a choice.
We welcome any visors to our factory, and were waiting their coming.
But i can not picked them up because my baby is very soon Steven picked up at night.and had a dinner.
Thanks very much to my colleagues and boss, they prepared everything.explained machines, taught Kim how to operate the machine,how to do marketing. And so on.
Kim is very satisfy with our machine and our factory. Especially like our team,My story with the customer.
So he decided to buy three sets for first order. Paid USD900 as deposit.
Then the balance set to us in two days when he return back to Korea.
At his visiting period, my second baby was coming, so i called her is my lucky doll.
It is a pity i can not met Kim and Mr.Lee when their coming for i need rest at home. But Kim is to kind for brought me a gift from Korea and it is good for my health. Thanks for so kind friend.
Unbelievable to me. Three machines sold out within one week, i can not believe that because it is totally new for him and for his market, how can he done that?more successful business models would like to share with you following.
(to be continue)
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Re: My story with the customer

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