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Dragonraid rules (english version)

The "Day of the Dragon" - Hibernias Dragonraids

I. General Informations

1. What exactely is "The day of the Dragon"?
The day of the dragon is an attempt to reinstate a dragon raid in hibernia on a regular basis. Every sunday a grp of heroes will fight their way to the dragons lair and play tag with the big ugly beast (that means scale the dragon ^^).

2. Und what about Legion?
The dragonraid will stay dragonraid only. There are attempts to reinstate legion raids on a regular basis under the dragon-raid system. But right now there are no planned legion raids.

3. Who's invited to participate?
Everyone is free to participate in the raids. There are no limits to guild or languages. Speaking english is a "must be" in the battlegroup chat. Only if people are not able to speak english, there is an exception to speak german. But, consider that the raid manager might not be able to speak an other language than english.
You have to be at least level 45 to participate. Below level 45 (that also means lvl 44,99) no one may participate. All members are coerced to take their highest chars to the raid (not the level 45,01 Nightshade when a Level 50 Drood is available). Please contact the raid manager if there are questions.

4. When does it start?
The "Day of the Dragon" will start every sunday at 20:00h central european time (utc+1; utc+2 during DST period in summer)

5. Where does it start?
The dragon raid starts at Innis and the Dragonlair. There is a sticktrain starting from Innis at 20:00h - going to the lair (protecting from mobs).

6. Do i have to come to the starting point?
Short: Yes! Of course, their may be some individual cases where a player does not have to be at the starting point, but theiy are rare and must be accepted by the raid manager. Not reaching the starting point in time is not such an individual case.

7. When do i have to be there?
The raid start at 20:00h. At the latest on 19:45h the raid manager will make a broad call to assemble at Innis. 15min should be enough even to get there from Tir Na Nogh. Anyone who needs more time has to start riding some minutes earlier.
At 20:00h and not a second later the raid starts. Player logging in after that time will in principle not be invited.
Without any exception is the rule: Anyone arriving after the first attack on the dragon may participate and help in the raid, but will not gain any raid points for the reward system (see below). He will only gain fun, the kill and some XP, nothing more.

8. It's 20:15h you are still at Sheeroe entrance, i want to come along!
No, the rule's set. Coming to late means: Not points. The starting time is 20:00h. Anyone arriving later has bad luck. There are in principle no exceptions. The only way to get into the battlegroup is talking to the raid leader and explaining him why you are late (and you need a good reason). If there will be an invitation because of an excused delay is a free decision of the raid leader. But i repeat: After the first attack on the dragon, there is no way of participating.

9. It's 20:35h and i have to go, sry!
Ok, no problem, but you won't get any raid points. Only people staying online all the time will get points in the reward system.

II. Rules and Rewards

The following rules are set for the dragon raids. They are to be followed.

- there will be a battlegroup. All raid members will join the BG, the raid manager is the BG leader. All drops will go to the raid manager. If anyone else gets a dragon drop he has to give it to the raid manager.

- while the raids in progress, the BG chat is open for communication. After the raid, the chat will be read only for the members. The chat in english language. Only posting of raid-related and important infos is allowed in the BG chat.

- criticism is not to be expressed during the raid, but in personal chats after the raid/rewards or in the forum here. Personal problems: Please try a talk with the raid leader or a PM before starting an open topic...

- the participating players have to be online. Short AFK times are possible, but should not be longer than some seconds. A player being AFK for a longer time period (several minutes) will be excluded from gaining points in the raid. He may also be excluded from the battlegroup which is a free decision of the raid leader.

-No toypets like crocodile, imp and so on, they are spamming the BG dureing the raid with unnessecary messages and they distrub the stare messages

- Any violations of the rules, exspecially related to the reward system will be punished. The person may be excluded from the ongoing raid and even for future raids.

- Casting confusion or amnesia on the dragon is strictly forbidden and doing so will result in bans and/or point resets.

The following reward system will be used:

- it is the early midgard system (99%), so anyone playing on mid may find himself at home with it.

- every participating player will get a scoring record in the dragon database when he first participates in a raid. He will start with 0 points. There will be only one record for each player.

- for every participation (activ, from the beginning to the end) a player will receive 10 points to his scoring record, regardless of his class or char level, as long as it's 45 or higher. Raid leaders receive 11 points per raid because of their organizing work (Raid + Auction).

- every player will only get one scoring record, regardless how many chars he may use while the raids take place. Points may not be sold, transfered or given away otherwise.

- at the end of a raid all dragon drops are collected by the raid manager. They are now being sold at an auction. The auction will take place near the dragon lair. Only people participating in the current raid (that means getting raid points) may participate in the auction.

- the raid manager will put all drops into the BG chat. So everyone may have a good lokk at them and ask questions if needed.

- the raid manager will then put one drop after another into the chat and will ask last questions about it. After that, the auctio begins. All people will have one minute time to use the /send command and send their bid to the raid manager (like "I will bid XX points for that item). There will only be one bid per player, the highest counts. Note that during a bidding for multiple items like respec stones it is possible to bid for as many as you want, but keep your bid within a single send please. ("bid 3x15 points" for example, for respec stones)

- the player with the highest bid will get the item. He will lose the used points (in the bid). All other people keep their points. There is no maximum in the bid, the maximum is your current score. This score includes the 10 points you'll be getting for the respective raid.

- If there are more people with the same bid, there will be a random-system. Every player gets a number and the leader will make /random X (X=number of players) and the chosen player will recieve the item. The raid leader may also use other kinds of tie breakers like /random 100.

- if no one takes a bid for a dragon MP item, the drop will be hold in the treasure. It will be administered by the raid management and be hold on one of my chars (Happuch). The items in the treasury will be brought to the next raid and used in the auction. The raid leader may also decide to just random for the item.

- the raid manager will also be able to take a bid on items. If he wants to bid on items he will let the relevant items been auctioned by another raid leader or a player of his choosing.

- there are no bonuses for someone loosing a /random 100 roll. Thats bad luck, sry.

The dragonraid is a fair and working system. It is working because it is fair! No raid leader wants to take advantage of his position or will manipulate auctions. If you think otherwise or do have even poof therefore, talk to the raid leader you do suspect. If you do not think thats prmoising, talk to me (Happuch) or Rome. Of you have such a problem with me (Happuch) your person to talk to is Rome.

I will not tolerate witchhunt topics in the forum. Such topics will be closed and there will be consequences on repeat.

Rule and Reward Version 1 - 05.05.2009
Rule and Reward Version 1.1 - 16.01.2011


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Re: Dragonraid rules (english version)

Took the liberty of changing a  few small things to adapt them to how we actually do stuff on raids.
TL;DR version: It's possible to score multiple stones or other items with a single bid, minimum level is 45, Raid leaders may use their own way of randoming items etc.


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Re: Dragonraid rules (english version)


- Casting confusion or amnesia on the dragon is strictly forbidden and doing so will result in bans and/or point resets.


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