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Dunmore led a large group of Denver citizens chanting

CARACAS Nike Huarache , Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- Venezuela's ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV) on Monday downplayed a weekend raid on a military base, saying it was a mercenary attack, not a military uprising.

"There was no uprising here. What they wanted to sell the world was that there was a military uprising," the PSUV's vice president, Diosdado Cabello Cheap Nike Air Huarache , said.

Speaking at a rally in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas in support of the government and a new Constituent Assembly (ANC) to rewrite the Constitution, Cabello said the attack more than anything "has to do with the breakdown of the Venezuelan opposition."

He added "what is sad is that the (opposition) leadership has not condemned these violent events."

Sunday's predawn raid on Paramacay Fort in the northern state of Carabobo targeted the arms arsenal, with several members of the "paramilitary terrorist" group making off with weapons, the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB) said.

The attackers, mainly civilians led by at least one deserter Nike Air Huarache Sale , were "mercenaries" paid by the right-wing opposition and its international allies, the United States and Colombia, according to the government.

FANB troops repelled the attack, which left two people dead and another seriously wounded, officials said Nike Air Huarache Womens , adding 10 of the assailants have been arrested.

The opposition said the attackers were motivated by the political and economic crisis affecting the country.

In a statement issued following the raid, the opposition coalition said "the crisis our country is experiencing today in the streets and in homes was manifestly and publicly expressed in the barracks of our national armed forces."

(Source: Xinhua)

Lanzhou-Chongqing railway to open to traffic on Sept. 29

Ceremonies held around China to celebrate birthday of Confucius

Japanese PM attends ceremony marking China's upcoming National Day

Erdogan says Turkey, Russia uphold territorial integrity of Iraq, Syria

Four pandas from SW China make debut in NE China's Shenyang

Modern manufacturing, transport help six Chinese provinces develop fast

A look at Kantuman Bazaar in China's Xinjiang

Scenery of terraced fields in Houyuan Village Nike Air Huarache Mens , China's Fujian

12-year-old Yuan Jiankang cannot speak as his peers do. Yuan Jiankang and his father Yuan Liangquan. Yuan Jiankang at home. Yuan Jiankang had been locked with his mother in this room while his father was out for work. Yuan Jiankang played at home. Yuan Jiankang went straight to the sewage bucket when he was thirsty. Yuan Jiankang and his puppy. Jiangkang’s mother Gao Xige crouched in a dirty bed piled with clothes, constantly talking to herself and laughing. Yuan Jiankang and his puppy went out to play in the village. Yuan Jiankang and his father walked hand in hand in the village.

To the villagers, 12-year-old Yuan Jiankang is a maniac, just like his mother Gao Xige is. For eight years his father Yuan Liangquan had to lock him with his mother when he went out, in case he went missing.

Jiankang couldn’t speak due to the lack of communication and education. He couldn’t even take care of himself. He could go to the sewage and lick the water if he felt thirsty. The burden of life is totally on his father.

The family lives in the Jimiao village of Yutai County Nike Air Huarache Shoes , Jining city of Shandong province. When the local newspaper reporters arrived, Jiankang was playing in the courtyard alone. He kept pronouncing sounds like “Um-um”.

“He can only say Mom and Dad, but not always. Sometimes he can’t speak anything,” said the 55-year-old father Yuan Liangquan.

Yuan Liangquan could not remember since when had he locked Jiankang at home. “It should have been seven or eight years,” he said. They have been living in the seedy house since Jiankang was born.

As for his wife Gao Nike Air Huarache Ultra , Yuan said “She was fine when we first got married, but then she went mad and was never cured.” As a peasant who does small jobs occasionally, Yuan said he didn’t have the money to cure his wife.

Yuan often brought food given by kind-hearted people for his wife and son when he went out for work. His own mother died at the age of 86 when Jiankang was only two month old.

“He had never had any breast milk. I fed him with milk powder all by myself,” Yuan Liangquan said.

Jiangkang’s mother Gao Xige crouched in a dirty bed piled with clothes, constantly talking to herself and laughing.

Perhaps influenced by his mother Nike Air Huarache , Jiankang kept moving all the time. It seemed he couldn’t stop for a minute, and he often pronounced “um”s.

With the help of local government and the kind-hearted people, Yuan Liangquan no longer locks Jiankang at home. However, children in the village are banned from playing with Jiankang by their parents, only his puppy follows him wherever he goes.

A children’s mental disability center at the provincial capital Jinan city has accepted Jiangkang recently. The general secretary Zhang Ailing said the boy had already missed the best time for the development of social functions Cheap Air Huarache , but there’s still possibility that he would recover.

“I’ll try my best to help him and to give him back a happy childhood that he deserves,” said Zhang.

RIO DE JANEIRO — Day 3 of the Rio Games features medal action in gymnastics, swimming, fencing, women's rugby Air Huarache Sale , judo and more. Here are some things to watch (all times local):


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