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I Never Told You My Name: Mal is introduced to a pilot friend's new wife is a con artist that Mal has previously had a rather severe run in with. They commence fighting, and the pilot demands to know what's going on. Mal shouts accusations at her, to which she responds You're a liar, Malcolm Reynolds! The pilot had never told her Mal's full name. Large Ham: Mal's old war buddy Monty. AH SHAVED MAH BEARD FER YOU, DEVIL WOMAN! Meaningful Background Event: Watch closely and you can actually see Saffron steal Mal's gun, though the complete lack of attention from the camera means it's likely a surprise to any first time viewer. Motivational Lie: It's highly likely that everything Saffron says about Durren is a lie that would make Mal and Zoe feel justified in robbing him. (She even specifically notes early in the episode that Mal and Monty were Browncoats together, and what would fire up a Browncoat more than an Alliance officer using chemical weapons and stealing from the helpless?) 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They start talking about aliens, then about soap holders, then about how to keep the shoulders healthy, and then back to cheap jerseys aliens.In Rex v Strauss (1928) 9 Cr App R 91, a bailiff acting for the Inland Revenue was struck and killed with a book of sermons while removing, from the premises of the accused, a wireless set belonging to the accused; as well as two Rabbits, the property of a favourite daughter. The defence was that distress for income tax was a gross provocation comparable to the discovery of a wife in the arms of another (see Rex v Mouldy, 1 Ventris 158), and such as to produce an uncontrollable impulse depriving a man of the ordinary powers of self control. 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Raluca O'Driscoll : Love the mixture of both the movie, musical, and the original Four Seasons on one album.
Patricia Mayer : A pinch smaller than expected but alright nonetheless.

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